5 Cute Labrador Retriever Instagram Accounts That You Must Follow Now

Everything's better with a Lab, including your Instagram feed. Labradors are America's sweethearts when it comes to dog breeds. Their playful personalities and lovable faces make them true heart warmers.

Cute Labradors are all over Instagram and following these accounts is a perfect way to make sure your day is filled with smiles. Here we’ve gathered 5 of the best accounts just for you! Read on to see these adorable faces.

Vivian The Black Lab

This hilarious account has honest captions straight from the dog herself. Her daily activities and thoughts are relatable to any dog lover. And her “tell it like it is” attitude has you looking forward to her posts. 

This black lab shares her Instagram spotlight with her pal Annabelle, another cute Labrador. And with the bio “I’m black. I poop outside. I love to tear shit up,” you have to know you’re in for a treat with this one. Follow Vivian @vivanblacklab. 

Nala the Labrador Retriever

If you’re looking to follow an adventurous pup, Nala is the girl for you. This chocolate brown beauty currently lives in the Swiss Alps and can often be seen frolicking in the snow.

Her owner is a great photographer. So not only do you get Labrador cuteness, but you also get to see some breathtaking scenery. Her active lifestyle will inspire you to get outside.

It’s no shock that Nala has almost 50k followers! Follow her adventures @dogswiss.

Sir Oliver

If yellow labs are your favorite then this is the perfect account to follow. Olivier is a lovable 2-year-old yellow lab who made his internet debut when he was featured on Buzzfeed Animals as a pup.

He claims to go by the nickname Ollie and his Instagram is filled with adorable close-ups of his everyday life. He seems to love the attention and his perfect dog smile is sure to have you smiling too. Follow Oliver @Oliverschronicles.


There are few people out there whose heart doesn’t melt when they see a puppy. And this account is the perfect example of the power of puppy eyes.

Teddy is a chocolate lab pup who has the camera stare down pat. His chubby little puppy face would certainly make anyone's day better.

As all dog lovers know this perfect little guy won't stay little for long, so give him a follow to enjoy these precious moments before they are gone. @labrador_teddy.


If getting creative with your beloved lab is something you like to do then you’ll love Chester. This original account features Chester, a full grown yellow lab, and his many successful attempts of balancing food on his head.

This is one well-trained dog, as we know how much he must want to eat the various food on his precious face. Chester fills your Instagram with hilarious and unique Labrador content.

He can be seen balancing any range of dog-safe food like a carrot, stack of cookies, pancakes, and even a lobster. Follow Chester @jumpforjoysf.

All the Cute Labradors

We all know that Labradors are the cutest. And with these five accounts, your Instagram will be filled with cute Labrador faces all day long.

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